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Our online popcorn sales fund a major portion of our pack accounting for roughly half of our operating funds. We use these funds for campouts, supplies, field trips, and service projects.


The online popcorn sale, by percentage of sale returned to the council, is one of the best fundraisers we have available. 73% of the revenue earned from the popcorn sale is returned back to the LaSalle Council! Compare this with other programs which only return 25-35% and you can easily see why this is our favorite program.



Trails End has a scholarship program which will donate 6% of the revenue from a scout's popcorn sales back to the scout in the form of a college scholarship. To be eligible, a scout must sell $2500 worth of popcorn in a single year. The scout only needs to hit this goal once to be eligible for the 6% every year after. So if a scout hits the $2500 mark as a Tiger, they will continue to earn 6% on their popcorn sales every year moving forward (even if they never hit the $2500 mark again).


For this reason, we do everything in our power to have every scout hit the $2500 mark as early in their scouting career as possible.


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